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Santiago de Compostela – Lugo

This line allows us to meet the needs of all travellers in want of a daily link between the two cities.

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Line to the airport

Makes it easier for every passenger and tourist to travel from different places of Santiago’s centre to the airport and vice-versa

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Branch line to Sobrado

Branch line to Boimorto and Sobrado dos Monxes, two villages in the interior.

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Way of Santiago

Some of our regular lines agrees with the last sections of the main routes of pilgrimage to Santiago.

This allows as helping pilgrims along the last sections of their way to Santiago.

Our buses can take pilgrims to the villages where some sections of the ways of Santiago start.


We have a wide range of transport services adapted to the needs of both our customers, both regular and discretionary uses.

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Bus stop changes Santiago – Airport for Carnaval Parade

On March 5th, 2018, between 15:00 h. and 18:00 h. approximately, on the occasion of Carnaval Parade, services between Santiago...

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Bus stop changes Santiago – Airport for Kings Parade

On January 5, 2019, on the occasion of Kings Parade, services between Santiago and the Airport, can not be made...

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FREIRE acompaña a la S.D. Huesca en su histórico ascenso a Primera

La S.D. HUESCA ha elegido a la EMPRESA FREIRE para sus desplazamientos en Galicia durante la antepenúltima jornada de la...

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Freire en Fairway, II Forum del Camino de Santiago

La Empresa Freire, S.L. participó en la segunda edición de Fairway, Forum con feria y congreso del Camino de Santiago,...

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