Welcome aboard!

Our company is committed to constantly improving the quality of service we offer, in order that you can have a good journey with high standards of safety, comfort and punctuality.

Our aim is to provide you with appropriate information about the rights that you have as a passenger.

We would welcome your comments and suggestions on any aspect of our service; and please don’t hesitate to complain if we fall short of our standards in any way. This will help us to improve the quality of the service we provide.

Thank you for choosing us. We wish you a pleasant journey.

Safety on board

  • When getting on board, please read all our safety instructions, paying special attention to emergency procedures and exits.
  • Keep the aisle and emergency exits free at all times and do not obstruct the doors when they are opening or closing, as this may inconvenience other passengers getting on and off the vehicle. Do not tamper with the emergency equipment at any time.
  • We remind you to keep your seat belt fastened at all times whenever these are available.
  • Please respect your fellow passengers in order to ensure safety and comfort for everyone on board, avoiding behaviour that could upset or offend others.
  • Avoid carrying items, including clothing, that might cause offence to other passengers.
  • Please keep the coach clean and use the litter bins provided.
  • Please remember that, as specified in Spanish law, it is illegal to smoke anywhere on the coach.
  • Please follow any instructions from the driver, which will be for your safety and comfort.
  • For safety reasons, do not distract the driver when the coach is moving. Wait until the vehicle has come to a stop.
  • The driver can only pick up and set down passengers at recognised stops. Please don’t ask the driver to stop anywhere else.
  • Please remain seated until the vehicle has come to a stop and remember to take all your belongings with you.


  • You can carry up to 30 kg of luggage without charge. You can take small items of hand luggage on board at the discretion of the driver. Large packages, bicycles, surf boards or other similar sized items must be checked in beforehand and will be carried, subject to space being available.
  • You will not be allowed to travel with anything that could cause damage to other people’s luggage, nor with dangerous substances or items (such as flammable or corrosive liquids).
  • According to Spanish law, domestic pets are allowed to travel but only in an appropriate cage and in the hold, not in the passenger’s cabin (with the exception of guide dogs).

Lost property

  • Items found by our drivers or fellow passengers can be reclaimed from our lost property office.
  • You can recover your lost property from any of our ticket offices giving us a description of the object together with your name and a contact number.
  • Finally, can we remind you that if you have any questions or need further information, please contact our on-line Customer Service Centre on www.empresafreire.com.

Satisfaction survey

In order to improve the service we provide to our customers, we ask your cooperation, and we ask you answering the questions in the following survey.