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Our company is now close to a century of existence, in Empresa Freire, S.L. we have gone a step beyond to face new technologies by publishing our own website.

We hope the information we have chosen will be enough to try to solve any doubt you may have about the transport services we offer to our clients.

A summary of our main services as a bus transport company is going to be shown in the following paragraphs. In case you need detailed information about these and other services, you can select "Our Services".

If you have any doubt that the content of this web page has not yet solved, you can select "Where to find us" to get more information about the different ways to contact us put at your disposal.


Line from Lugo to Santiago

Included in our offer of services referring to road transport of passengers in regular line is the line from Lugo to Santiago. This line allows us to meet the needs of all travellers in want of a daily link between the two cities.

Every day our company guarantees a complete service to a great number of travellers because of the great variety of times of departure and arrival included in the schedule and because of the different stops along the way at the more important small villages.


Line to the airport

The connection with the airport we put at your disposal makes it easier for every passenger and tourist to travel from different places of Santiago’s centre to the airport and vice-versa. Special lines adapted to the timetable of some flights are included.


Branch line to Sobrado

As an extra to the regular line from Santiago to Lugo is the branch line to Boimorto and Sobrado dos Monxes, two villages in the interior. There are also some stops at other smaller villages along the way.


Way of Santiago

Some of our regular lines agrees with the last sections of the main routes of pilgrimage to Santiago.

This allows as helping pilgrims along the last sections of their way to Santiago.

Our buses can take pilgrims to the villages where some sections of the ways of Santiago start.


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